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Well this is basically where you'll find alot of my drawings , reblogs of some pictures and fics so if you wish to follow this sort of unintersting blog feel free.

MY friend code for 3DS is: 1246-9181-3095 so if you have Animal Crossing: New leaf or Pokemon X and Y you're welcome to add me

Here's some information about me:
I'm studying Animation at the University of Glamorgan,
I'm into Bleach, DRAMatical Murder, Blue Exorcist, D.Gray-Man, Studio Ghibli, a lot of music and drawing my own characters . I am also a traditional and digital artist so feel free to look at my work
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Test Subject— There you are.

Looking for some loose fitting leg wear to carry out further experimentation? Look no further! These comfy pants are perfect for all encounters with life-threatening test chambers!



Note: The Women’s version lacks pockets!!

A+ for the pockets warning. 

as someone who owns the womens’ i can tell you you need to buy these even sans pockets because these are not only incredibly cute but they are quality material and warm and soft and the best sweats ive ever owned 10/10 recommend


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"Aoba, help!"


"Aoba, help!"

the legend of korra + colors