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Well this is basically where you'll find alot of my drawings , reblogs of some pictures and fics so if you wish to follow this sort of unintersting blog feel free.

MY friend code for 3DS is: 1246-9181-3095 so if you have Animal Crossing: New leaf or Pokemon X and Y you're welcome to add me

Here's some information about me:
I'm studying Animation at the University of Glamorgan,
I'm into Bleach, DRAMatical Murder, Blue Exorcist, D.Gray-Man, Studio Ghibli, a lot of music and drawing my own characters . I am also a traditional and digital artist so feel free to look at my work
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PANIC! AT THE DISCO + Music Videos

[FOB] [MCR] [ATL] [5SOS] [TA]

You’re in the way of my observations. 

You’re in the way of my observations. 


Some concept sketches I did months ago for a Black Monkey Pro’s project. In order of appearance:
- DRAMAtical Murder
- Free
- Kuroko no Basket
- Shingeki no Kyojin
- Uta no Prince Sama